Enhancing Vietnam’s position in the international arena

Saturday, 2018-03-31 12:14:33
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Ros Seilava, Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Economy and Finance of Cambodia
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NDO - The sixth Greater Mekong Sub-Region Summit (GMS-6) and the 10th Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam Development Triangle Summit (CLV-10) is being held in Hanoi from March 29-31. On the occasion, delegates at the conferences granted Nhan Dan Newspaper interviews regarding Vietnam’s contribution to the development of the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

Ros Seilava, Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Economy and Finance of Cambodia: Sharing common vision towards future

At the GMS-6 and CLV-10, the leaders expressed their wish that the member countries would be more connected and competitive, helping the GMS and CLV to become harmonious and sustainable communities in the future. The role of Vietnam in the GMS and CLV is crucial as the Vietnamese economy is developing rapidly and sustainably. I hope Vietnam will share its experience and further promote its cooperation with Cambodia and other member countries, for the common interest of the countries. For the GMS cooperation mechanism, we have many areas that can be strengthened in sharing and connection, such as finance, e-commerce, e-finance, etc... In addition, the member countries can also promote the development of renewable energy use, such as solar power and wind energy, in order to enhance the competitiveness of each country as well as the whole region. Governments need to work closely together and share the same vision towards the future. Each member state should fulfil their tasks effectively.

Htun Zaw, Deputy Director General of Foreign Economic Relations Department, Ministry of Planning and Finance of Myanmar: Vietnam is always active in regional cooperation

The GMS-6 Senior Officials Meeting was well organised. At the meeting, participants discussed the documents to be submitted to the leaders of the member countries. As the host country, Vietnam has taken the initiative of the GMS Business Summit at the right time. It provides a good opportunity for the leaders of the countries and private businesses to share their views. In addition, it is also an opportunity for the governments to receive advice and assistance from the private sector in developing appropriate policies that will help to develop the economy in a more comprehensive fashion. The preparation for the summit was very well conducted by Vietnam. I would like to send my congratulations and thanks to the Government of Vietnam for its efforts and initiative in connecting the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and other member countries to facilitate the conferences.

Sisomboun Ounavong, Director General, GMS National Coordinator, the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Laos: Laos highly appreciates Vietnam's initiative at the GMS

At the GMS-6 Senior Officials Meeting, representatives of the GMS member countries focused on reviewing the preparation of and finalising the draft documents to be submitted to the GMS leaders. At the meeting, Laos and other countries highly valued the coordination and preparation of the host country. In particular, we congratulate the Vietnamese Government for its initiative to organise the GMS Business Summit, which has provided a good opportunity for private enterprises to meet and exchange directly with the leaders of the member countries, thereby improving the performance of the private sector.

Through hosting the GMS-6 and CLV-10 Summits, Vietnam has played a prominent role as an activeand responsible member of the cooperative mechanisms. I am delighted that the traditional friendship, solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Laos have been strengthened and tightened. I believe that this relationship is a solid foundation for the two countries to work closely together in regional cooperation mechanisms, thereby promoting the sustainable and inclusive development of the whole region.

Pattama Teanravisitsagool, PhD, Deputy Secretary General of the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board of Thailand: GMS-6 helps promote investment in Vietnam

The GMS cooperation mechanism is an important platform to promote the development of the region. Vietnam and the other GMS member countries will certainly benefit from this cooperation mechanism as the intra-regional trade and economic integration with partners outside the region are strongly promoted. The hosting of the GMS-6 Summit will help strengthen the relationship between Vietnam and its partners, stimulating investment potential and cooperation among the nations. It will also help to enhance Vietnam's credibility and role in promoting regional initiatives and programmes. The sixth Greater Mekong Sub-region Summit, themed “Leveraging 25 years of cooperation, building an integrated, sustainable and prosperous GMS” aims to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the GMS Programme and define the cooperation orientations in the new period.

Within the framework of the GMS, the member countries have strengthened their cooperation, and shared their experiences and information for economic development and integration. In particular, Vietnam and Thailand are increasing projects on human resources training, aiming to promote the sustainable development of each country and the whole region.