Vietnamese People's Army promotes heroic tradition in defending the Fatherland: Defence Minister

Sunday, 2019-12-22 10:48:13
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General Ngo Xuan Lich, Politburo member, Deputy Secretary of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of Vietnam and Minister of Defence. (Photo: VNA)
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NDO – The Vietnamese People's Army (VPA) is a revolutionary army sourced from the people, serving the people and ready to fight and sacrifice for the independence and freedom of the Fatherland, for socialism and for the happiness of the people.

The above statement was made by General Ngo Xuan Lich, Politburo member, Deputy Secretary of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of Vietnam and Minister of Defence, to open his article on the occasion of the VPA’s 75th founding anniversary (December 22, 1944-2019).

Over the past 75 years, under the leadership, education and training of the Vietnamese Communist Party and President Ho Chi Minh, the army has constantly grown stronger, always showing a firm bravery and steadfast goals and admirable ideals in fighting for national independence and socialism, as well as being side by side with the people to establish many feats and outstanding achievements in the cause for national liberation, strengthening national defence, defending the Fatherland and fulfilling international obligations, General Lich stated.

He noted that at present, the cause of national renewal, construction and defence is facing both opportunities and challenges amidst a complicated situation in the world and the region. In such a situation, the task of protecting the Fatherland and important tasks setting new, high and comprehensive requirements, namely, resolutely and persistently protecting the national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, protecting the Party, State, the people and the socialist regime, as well as maintaining a peaceful environment and political stability to develop the country. As a core force in the cause of national defence consolidation and defending the nation, General Lich also set out key tasks for the VPA. The first is to maintain and strengthen the Party’s absolute and direct leadership in all aspects of the army, focusing on building a politically strong army that constantly promotes its revolutionary and absolute loyalty to the fatherland, the State and the people.

The army construction on politics must be focused on practical measures, Lich wrote, namely strengthening political education to build strong political outlooks of soldiers, helping them being imbued with Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thought, as well as guidelines of the Party and functions and tasks of the army.

The army should continue to promote its role in the fight against the wrong and hostile views, while defeating the conspiracy and the "peaceful evolution" of hostile forces to firmly protect the ideological foundation of the Party, as well as striving to effectively implement the Politburo's guidelines and emulation movements to promote the “Uncle Ho's Army" in the new period, thus creating a driving force for the army to successfully complete all assigned tasks.

The second is to continuously improve the overall quality and combat strength of the VPA to meet the requirements and tasks of protecting the Fatherland in the new situation, in addition to promote the arrangement and adjustment of its organisation, as well as focusing on developing new solutions in training, in line with the Party's development on national defence and the need to protect the Fatherland in the new period, with a focus on training and mastering new and modern weapons and equipment as well as improving the quality of coordination among the relevant army forces and the defensive areas.

Along with that, the army’s units need to step up the construction of a strong and typical unit, strictly maintain the State law and the military discipline, and actively apply the achievements of the fourth Industrial Revolution to the development of military science, military art and the defence industry in accordance with the new conditions of the people's defensive war to defend the Fatherland and the process of modernising the army to create a breakthrough in terms of qualification, combat readiness and combat power for the VPA.

Lich also urged the whole army to raise awareness and well implement patrol to closely managing the seas, airspace, borders, islands and cyberspace, thus actively forecasting accurately any problematic situation and promptly advising the Party and the State to have flexible, correct and appropriate strategies in preventing risks of war and not to be passive and took surprise when handling military and defence situations.

The third is promoting the army’s key role in building the entire national people-based defence associated with the strong people-based security. This is the responsibility of the entire Party, the people, the army and the entire political system, of which the VPA plays a key role, General Lich affirmed. In order to build a strong people-based defence, the army must thoroughly grasp the Party's military and defence guidelines and the Vietnam Défense Strategy, while understanding the reality and accurately forecasting any situation to not leave the Fatherland against military strategies. In particular, special attention should be paid to foreign affairs in defence to balance the strategic trust in dealing with emerging international and regional issues, especially in the East Sea disputes, thus creating a favourable international environment for solid national protection.

In order to fulfil the stated responsibility, Lich urged the army to closely coordinate with the relevant authorities and mass organisations at both central and local levels to drastically implement solutions suitable to the actual situation and characteristics of each geographical area and region, especially strategic and key areas for national defence and security in the border areas, the sea and islands.

It is also crucial to continuing to well perform the State management function on defence in order to constantly enhance the country's defence potential and strength, he said, adding that the army needs to closely coordinate with the People's Public Security Force and other forces in maintaining political security and social order and safety, focusing on improving the quality of coordination and deploying plans to protect key objectives and political events, as well as preventing and combating terrorism, overthrowing riots and criminals to protect the Party and State and maintain political security and social order and safety for the people.

The fourth key task is successfully fulfilling the function of the army in peacetime, as the army which is sourced from the people, fighting for the people, relying on the people and tying the solidarity with the people, is the key recipe for the development and the source of the fighting strength and victory of the VPA, Minister Lich affirmed.

Inheriting and promoting such good nature and tradition, the whole army should actively cling to localities and keep close relations with the local people. In particular, the army should focus on renewing and improving the efficiency of the mass mobilisation work and taking care of the families of war invalids, martyrs and people with meritorious services to the nation.

The force should promote communications and mobilise people to implement properly the Party and State's guidelines and policies, while actively participating in building new rural areas, eradicating hunger and poverty, ensuring social security and consolidating strong political bases, especially in key areas, remote and ethnic minority communities and the borders, islands, and revolutionary bases.

Along with that, the army needs to promote its role as a leading force and a core and reliable support of the people in natural disaster prevention and control, as well as the search and rescue work, identifying it the task of "fighting in peacetime", thus contributing to firmly consolidating the people-based defence and creating a foundation for successfully performing the task of defending the Fatherland in the new situation.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the of National Defence Day (December 22, 1989-2019) and 75th anniversary of the VPA (December 22, 1944-2019) is an important political event of the country and the army. It is also an opportunity for officers and soldiers of the whole army to look back on the heroic and glorious history and tradition of the force. Upholding that tradition, General Lich urged all officials and soldiers of the entire army to unite as one to strive to help the VPA be more modern and stronger, thus successfully completing all assigned tasks and joining hands with the entire Party and people to successfully implement the renovation, construction and defence of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, for the wealth of the people and a strong, democratic, equitable and civilised country.