President attends Quang Tri liberation anniversary celebration

President Nguyen Xuan Phuc on April 29 attended a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Quang Tri central province and the 81-day-and-night battle defending the Quang Tri ancient citadel (1972-2022).

President Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaking at the ceremony. (Photo: NDO)
President Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaking at the ceremony. (Photo: NDO)

At the event, on behalf of the Party and State, President Phuc awarded the second Ho Chi Minh Order to the Quang Tri authorities and people for their great contributions.

In his remarks, the President highlighted the province's specially important geo-economic, geo-political and military position.

He urged the province to press ahead with innovation, creativity, anti-corruption, business climate improvement, human resources development, and green growth, among others.

Adequate investment in education, health and social welfare are also necessary, the State leader noted.

Quang Tri, one of the most heavily bombed areas during the anti-US resistance war. During the renowned 81-day-and-night battle, the 3km2 town of Quang Tri and the ancient citadel bore the brunt of 328,000 tonnes of bombs and bullets.

Earlier the same day, Phuc offered incense to pay respect to heroic martyrs at the Truong Son and Road 9 national martyrs cemeteries.