Vietnam expects to master production technology of 10 types of vaccines

Saturday, 2021-10-02 11:55:30
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Vietnam has set the goal of mastering the production technology of 15 types of vaccines by 2030. (Photo:
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NDO – Vietnam is expected to master the production technologies for 10 types of vaccines and able to produce at least three by 2025, according to a recently approved national science and technology programme.

The programme entitled “Research and production of vaccines for human use by 2030” aims to study and master the technology needed to produce vaccines for human use while enhancing the capacity of domestic vaccine researchers and producers in order to stand ready to deal with newly arising epidemics.

Under the programme, 100% of domestically produced vaccines are expected to meet international standards to gradually bring Vietnamese vaccines onto the international market.

Vietnam has also set the goal of mastering the production technology of 15 types of vaccines and be capable of producing at least five by 2030.

The program will promote the research into and application of new and advanced technologies in vaccine production while prioritising mRNA technology, recombinant protein technology, and virus vector technology to serve in the production of COVID-19 vaccines, cancer vaccines, multi-component vaccines and others to meet the needs of disease prevention and control.

Up to 100% of financial support will be provided for the research, clinical trials, trial production, testing, insurance, and volunteers regarding the production of vaccines against pandemics.