Tran Dai Nghia Award launched to honour outstanding scientists

The Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology launched the third Tran Dai Nghia Award on September 13 to honour outstanding scientists with highly applicable research.

Winners of the 2019 Tran Dai Nghia Award. (Photo: VNA)
Winners of the 2019 Tran Dai Nghia Award. (Photo: VNA)

The award will go to scientists who have won recognition from both domestic and international research circles, doing research across seven fields including mathematics, mechanics, information science and computing, physics, chemistry, life sciences and earth sciences.

The nominees’ research must have been implemented in Vietnam and have made certain contributions to national socio-economic development or security-defence.

The winners of the award will be honoured at a ceremony scheduled for May, 2022.

The award is named after professor and academician Tran Dai Nghia (1913-1997), an eminent scientist who devoted his life to science in Vietnam, particularly the field of military science. He was also one of the first generals in the Vietnam People’s Army.

Held every three years since 2016, the award has honoured 14 scientists who authored six pieces of research with significant contributions to national development or security-defence.