Vietnamese-made mapping service to facilitate digital transformation

A conference was held on November 6 to introduce Map4D, a mapping platform created by Vietnamese engineers which is expected to play a role in expediting Vietnam’s digital transformation.

The conference to introduce the Map4D mapping platform (Photo: Lao Dong)
The conference to introduce the Map4D mapping platform (Photo: Lao Dong)

Developed by IoTLink, Map4D is available on the web as well as on smartphones and tablets, offering an interface similar to Google Maps, helping users navigate the platform with the minimum of trouble.

In addition to real-time navigation functions and weather updates, the service displays many well-known places of interest in Vietnam in the form of three-dimensional images.

Map4D can also be easily integrated across many fields such as e-commerce, tourism, construction, natural resources and environmental management, urban management, agriculture and transport.

Since the service is made entirely by Vietnamese engineers and its data is stored in Vietnam, it ensures a high degree of national security.

Recently, the platform was awarded second prize in a contest seeking national digital transformation solutions, known as Viet Solutions 2020, as organised by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

The introduction of Map4D is part of a series of events held by the ministry to promote local digital products aiming to realise the national digital transformation programme towards 2025.