Vietnam's e-commerce to hit 20.5 billion USD this year: conference

Vietnam’s e-commerce is expected to reach 20.5 billion USD this year, affirming its important role in the national digital economy, heard a conference held by the Vietnam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) in Hanoi on December 1.
A view of the conference. (Photo: VNA)
A view of the conference. (Photo: VNA)

In his remarks, Deputy Minister Do Thang Hai noted that the domestic e-commerce market has witnessed the formation of a secondary service supply system, referring to technology platform services in support of e-commerce transactions, marketing services, online marketing communications and delivery services.

The official pointed to obstacles to e-commerce in Vietnam relating to ensuring traceability of goods, safety and security of personal information, and the logistics infrastructure.

To remove them, he suggested that Online Friday, a big online shopping programme in the year, be promoted to achieve the targets of developing the e-commerce market sustainably, and further protecting the rights and interests of consumers and other insiders.

He also said experts should work on orientations for the sustainable development of Vietnam’s e-commerce in the time ahead, and the State and businesses raise digital technology solutions to boost the e-commerce ecosystem.

At the conference, management agencies, e-commerce platforms, payment intermediaries, and banks committed to joining the digital ecosystem, protecting the rights of consumers and others engaging in e-commerce transactions.

Within the framework of the conference, there was a seminar on digital ecosystem solutions to enhance the protection of consumers and others in e-commerce transactions in Vietnam.