Germany hopes for the future

Friday, 2021-12-17 09:04:24
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New German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. (Photo: Reuters)
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NDO - The new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has just made his first official speech, during a plenum session of the German lower house of parliament Bundestag, as head of the Government. The responsibilities that Europe’s leading economies have to shoulder are very heavy, but the German people expect that, under the direction of the new Government, they will overcome all challenges, towards a bright future.

Controlling the COVID-19 pandemic is the most important task on the agenda of the German Government. As the new “captain” to steer the country since replacing leader Angela Merkel last week, Chancellor Scholz and his associates have advocated speeding up vaccine coverage in the community in order to bring socio-economic activities back to normal.

The head of the German Government emphasised that continuing to unite, join hands and defeat the COVID-19 pandemic is the utmost important task at the moment. The new government also focuses on the fight against climate change, especially prioritising the transition to renewable energy. The ruling coalition’s goal is to shorten the coal phase-out period from 2038 to 2030.

In addition, ensuring equality and integration for immigrants, investing in the public transport network, and solving the housing crisis are also among the tasks that the German Government is determined to carry out.

More than two months ago, when three parties in Germany’s “traffic light” alliance started exploratory negotiations, many worried that these parties would find it difficult to reach a common voice. The precarious economic outlook and serious developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, are said to be factors that make the negotiations likely to drag on for a few more months.

However, those concerns were allayed when the leaders of the three parties, including the Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens and the liberal Free Democrats (FDP), reached a coalition deal entitled “Dare More Progress”, promising a breakthrough future for Germany.

With the harmony of both parties and gender, the new government apparatus of Germany received great expectations from the people. In the context of increasing heat on many fronts, the German Government faces a series of major challenges, most notably a severe wave of COVID-19 infections. Recently, the new German Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, has warned the states about the risk of a vaccine shortage in Germany early next year.

Running a country that plays a pivotal role in the European Union (EU), the new government must also take over the heavy responsibility of maintaining Germany’s position and prestige in the international arena, which has been brilliantly handled by predecessor Angela Merkel over the years.

Immediately after Mr. Scholz took office, the leaders of the EU, France and the US, all congratulated and expressed their hope to further tighten bilateral relations with Germany.

French President Emmanuel Macron said that the leaders of Germany and France share the same view of maintaining cooperation and have a firm and unwavering belief in Europe's solidarity.

In its agenda, the German government also affirmed to strengthen solidarity among European countries. In parallel with solving the domestic epidemic situation, Germany will make efforts to support the COVID-19 vaccine for the international community.

A new era of Germany has officially begun. German people expect that, with his bravery and political experience, Chancellor Olaf Scholz will join the Cabinet members to write a bright new chapter in Germany’s development history, on the basis of inheriting the fine legacies from predecessor Angela Merkel.

Translated by NDO