Nhan Dan - A reliable companion of readers

Nhan Dan (People) newspaper is the central organ of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the voice of the Party, State and People of Vietnam.

The first issue was published on March 11, 1951 in the Viet Bac revolutionary base (present-day Thai Nguyen province) during the anti-French Resistance War.

Over the past six decades, Nhan Dan has carried on the tradition of its forefathers in reporting the significant events in the nation and has won the trust of readers across the country.

It was a driving force behind the nation’s two patriotic wars against France and the United States and will continue to be on the frontlines of national construction and defence in the new era.

Since the Communist Party of Vietnam introduced comprehensive reforms at its Sixth National Congress in 1986, Nhan Dan newspaper has contributed to disseminating and encouraging the implementation of the Party's guidelines and the State's policies and laws.

It has also reflected the people's opinions, aspirations, initiatives while participating in reviewing and perfecting reform policies.

The paper has been awarded the Ho Chi Minh Order twice, as well as other accolades including the Gold Star Order, Hero of Labour and Hero of the Armed Forces.

Nhan Dan also has friendly and co-operative ties with numerous newspapers around the world.