Binh Duong Smart City Summit held

Tuesday, 2017-11-28 11:54:36
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Binh Duong Smart City Summit held
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NDO – The second Binh Duong Smart City Summit 2017 has been organised by the Binh Duong provincial People’s Committee to introduce the directions of the building Smart City that Binh Duong aims to be.

The summit was an opportunity for Binh Duong province to present to the public the new development stage of the Binh Duong Smart City Scheme, serving as a forum for domestic and international Smart City experts to discuss action plans, the next steps of Binh Duong and international cooperation.

The event also connected government, business and academia; offering an opportunity for parties to demonstrate modern scientific and technological applications and come up with new forms of linkage. Binh Duong expects to find many partners to share its long-term aspirations for a dynamic, prosperous and sustainable city.

This year’s summit included five key events: Plenary session; Exhibition; Hackathon; Science Conference, Business Conference.

Among them, Binh Duong Smart City Plenary Session was held on the November 27, with the participation of 1,000 delegates. At the conference, national and international delegates discussed and exchanged visions, strategies and action programs of smart cities around the world.

In the afternoon of November 27, there were two parallel seminars, including the Scientific Seminar and the Business Seminar. The Scientific Seminar featured keynote speeches by leading experts and scientists in the field of open data, data sharing, and data science with the goal of “data serve human needs”. The Business Seminar was a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas for business development in the new stage, the era of industrial revolution 4.0 and in the orientation of the Binh Duong Smart City.