Power bills to be reduced in coping with COVID-19

Monday, 2020-04-13 18:23:44
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Power bills for businesses and households will be reduced to cope with COVID-19.
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NDO – The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) on April 12 said that the Government agreed with the ministry's proposal on cutting power bills for businesses and households in April, May and June to help them cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ministry's proposal was made on April 1 following the Government's direction on solutions to remove difficulties for production, businesses and people affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

It is expected that this support will feature on householdinvoices in May, June and July.

Accordingly, the plan will involve reducing power bills for households with consumption of less than 300kWh a month by 10%. The total estimated reduction would be around VND2.9 trillion (about US$123.1 million).

Households which use more than 300kWh a month would be charged the current rate as they are high-income earners, less affected by COVID-19, according to the MoIT.

Producers and firms will also enjoy a 10% cut, which willcost an estimated VND6.1 trillion.

Hotels and restaurants will enjoy similar reductions at a cost of VND1.8 trillion.

The MoIT will inspect and supervise power units to ensure strict compliance with the Government's instructions on electricity price reduction, ensuring the right subjects benefit as well as contributing to removing difficulties for production, business and people affected by Covid-19 epidemic.