Commission for Internal Affairs works to improve regulations on anti-corruption

The Party Central Committee’s Commission for Internal Affairs held a conference in Hanoi on December 28 to review its performance in 2022 and deploy tasks for 2023, under the chair of Politburo member, Secretary of the PCC, and Head of the PCC’s Commission for Internal Affairs Phan Dinh Trac.
An overview of the conference.
An overview of the conference.

The Commission has completed the tasks of the two Standing Agencies of the Central Steering Committee on Anti-corruption and the Central Steering Committee for Judicial Reform; advising on the successful organisation of the National Conference, summarizing 10 years of anti-corruption work during the 2012-2022 period; advising on the construction and completion of several projects, including large and difficult projects, ensuring progress and quality; speeding up the handling of corruption, serious and complicated cases.

The Commission has also paid attention to monitoring, guiding, urging, inspecting and supervising internal affairs, anti-corruption work and judicial reform, especially successfully organised three national conferences on professional training in the Party’s internal affairs; advising and assisting the Central Steering Committee on anti-corruption in formulating and implementing the Inspection Plan; provide quality opinions on many important projects and documents and give responsible opinions on staffing work; develop several proposed reports to the Party and State, on important issues in the field of internal affairs, anti-corruption, and judicial reform.

Regarding the tasks of 2023, the PCC’s Commission for Internal Affairs determined to advise on the development and organisation of good implementation, of the Programme and Work Plan for 2023 of the Central Steering Committee, on the prevention and combat of corruption and negativity; advise and prepare the content of the 23rd, 24th and 25th meetings of the Central Steering Committee.

It will continue to advise on the development and improvement of guidelines and policies of the Party and the State’s laws on anti-corruption and socio-economic management, to prevent and combat corruption and other negative phenomena, especially regulations on power control, while researching, developing projects, and propose a model of specialised agencies and units to fight corruption.