Digital transformation promoted in new-style rural building

The application of digital technology is considered the key to opening a new future for agriculture, ending the small, inefficient production model and lack of value chain linkages that have persisted for many years. However, in order for digital transformation to truly bring its strengths into play in new-style rural building, it is necessary to combine both policies and people's intellectual level to ensure successful digital transformation.

Model of high-tech cantaloupe growing of Au Viet farm cooperative in Hai Duong Province. (Photo: Son Ha)
Model of high-tech cantaloupe growing of Au Viet farm cooperative in Hai Duong Province. (Photo: Son Ha)

Positive results from digital transformation

Data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) shows that up to now, the rate of level-4 online public services in rural areas is still very low (less than 10%). Many localities have not yet built a database management system, such as for population, land or agricultural products, due to a lack of financial and human resources for digital transformation implementation.

In order to keep up with the trend of digital transformation, Ha Tinh Province soon developed the agricultural digital transformation plan and the “One Commune-One Product” (OCOP) programme. As a result, in just a short time, in addition to digitising the public administration sector, the province has encouraged and supported businesses, cooperatives and people to apply hi-tech agriculture and information technology into the production and trading process.

Specifically, the province has put into operation the management system of Ha Tinh OCOP Programme; OCOP product grading and rating system; management of OCOP products; and the OCOP Ha Tinh product trade information channel integrated on the website, initially bringing certain economic benefits to the people.

Digital transformation has brought positive results not only in improving quality and productivity but also significantly improving management and business methods in the agricultural sector.

New future for new-style rural building movement

According to Dr. Hoang Bao Hung from Information Technology (IT) Centre of Thua Thien Hue Province, digital technology has been opening the doors to a new future for the smart new-style rural building movement with a smart commune model connecting smart urban services in many provinces and cities, including Thua Thien Hue Province.

The solution is to upgrade the commune-level IT infrastructure system: computer transmission lines, surveillance systems, fibre optic systems, popularising smart phones, and administrative service systems, towards being most convenient for people, especially in agricultural production, processing and the consumption of agricultural products.

Digital transformation promoted in new-style rural building ảnh 1

Model of growing Japanese cantaloupe in greenhouses of high-tech agricultural investment company Truong Thinh in Hoa Binh Province. (Photo: Ke Toai)

According to Nguyen Minh Tien, head of the Central Coordination Office for New-style Rural Building, after 10 years of implementing new-style rural building, the agricultural sector has begun to pay more attention to digital transformation solutions and applications in production, processing and consumption of agricultural products. The application of digital technology is a breakthrough solution to solve the difficulties and bottlenecks in the process of building new-style rural in Vietnam.

However, in fact, as a locality that soon approached and implemented digital transformation, up to now, only 20 establishments have been selected as digital transformation points in the whole of Ha Tinh Province. This is a modest figure compared to the potential of the province. The reason pointed out is that there are many shortcomings in mechanisms and policies to encourage and promote digital transformation.

Along with the efforts of the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Education and Training also provides a number of online teaching and learning platforms implemented by enterprises such as Viettel, VNPT, to equipping people with knowledge, including businesses and people, to promote digital transformation.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development also decided to make the content of digital technology in rural areas a key content to focus on directing the implementation in the 2021-2025 period. If the above scheme is implemented, combined with positive digital transformation experiences in the localities, digital technology will certainly be a lever to promptly push new-style rural building and smart new-style rural building to the finish line.