Exhibitions provide insight into Russian culture

Nhan Dan – Sixty-three copies of paintings by Nikolai Reorich, a leading light of 20th century Russia fine arts, are now on display at an exhibition at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi opened on November 11.

A painting by Nikolai Reorich (1941)
A painting by Nikolai Reorich (1941)

The works, on loan from the collection of the State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow, fully reflect the great creativity of the painter in depicting various themes in diverse styles.

The paintings are arranged in two time periods: a domestic period, when the painter toured 40 cities around Russia, and an Asian period, when he explored central Asia, travelling to India, Mongolia and Tibet.

Nikolai Reorich (1874-1947) is a significant name in the history of Russian culture who showed talent in a variety of disciplines, including the arts, law, philosophy, science, history, and ethnology. He created more than 7,000 paintings, which are now preserved in prestigious museums around the world, and was the author of over 30 literary works and collections of poetry. He was also a dedicated activist for the cause of preserving art and architecture in times of war.

Also on November 11, an exhibition showcasing the traditional costumes of Russian women from the 18th century to the early 20th century opened at the Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi. On display, in addition to the costumes, are various Russian handicrafts, such as embroidery pieces, puppets and matryoshka dolls.

The two week-long exhibitions – co-hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Russian Ministry of Culture as part of the ongoing Russian Culture Days in Vietnam 2013 – aim to provide lovers of Russian culture with an insight into the rich fine arts tradition of the Eurasian country.