Many people in Africa depend on food aid. (Photo: WFP)

Serious challenges for Africa

Although the “fever” of food prices has cooled down globally, food security challenges remain serious for African countries, as drought, unrest and power shortages are still pushing millions of Africans into starvation.
A farmer with a drought-damaged corn field in Turkana, Kenya. (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Efforts to address food security problems

To help Africa overcome its most severe food crisis ever, the development partners have pledged tens of billions of US dollars to boost food production in the continent over the next five years. Analysts said the key to solving hunger in Africa is the enhancement of production capacity, instead of depending on imports and aid.
The risk of food insecurity is a concern of every country. (Image for illustration/Source: Getty Images)

Ensuring global food security

Food security has been the most talked-about topic during the High-Level Week of the 77th Session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, which is currently taking place in New York, the US. Amid shortages in supply, the risk of food insecurity is a concern of every country.