Implementation of ethnic work, policy needs society’s engagement

The implementation of the ethnic work and ethnic policy is a long-term, continuous and persistent task, requiring the engagement of all levels, sectors and the whole political system. Therefore, attention must be paid to dissemination to raise public awareness and responsibility, Standing National Assembly (NA) Vice Chairman Tran Thanh Man stated at the NA Standing Committee’s third session on September 13.

An overview of NA Standing Committee’s third session (Photo: VNA)
An overview of NA Standing Committee’s third session (Photo: VNA)

Under the chair of Vice Chairman Man, the NA Standing Committee discussed the Government’s report on results of the implementation of the National Target Programme on socio-economic development in the mountainous and ethnic-inhabited areas for the 2021 - 2030 period.

Minister-Chairman of the Government Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs Hau A Lenh said that over the past time, the Government has directed the Ministries of Planning and Investment, and Finance to give the highest priority to the programme; and have a plan to balance more than VND50 trillion (US$2.2 billion) worth of investment capital and more than VND54 trillion worth of regular spending for the programme’s projects and sub-projects in accordance with the plan approved by the legislature.

NA Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue said that, after more than one year, the implementation of the programme has not met the requirements on progress. Therefore, the Government needs to clearly review its responsibilities, clearly state objective and subjective causes and have solutions to address them.

He proposed quickly perfecting the Steering Committee for the implementation of the programme from the central to local levels, and allocating investments for localities in line with their budget autonomy proportions, and in accordance with other programmes.

Man suggested the Government focus on directing and soon promulgating investment decisions, and documents on management, administration and implementation of the programme; making plans, roadmaps, tasks and investment solutions for the implementation of the programme every year and the 2021– 2025 period; and identifying priority tasks and investment.

He emphasised that this programme should be recognised in all national target programmes; and the goal is that people really enjoy the benefits from the programme, and bring into play the potentials and advantages of the region and the self-reliant spirit of ethnic minorities to gain rapid and sustainable development.