'Love Hanoi' Club in France makes debut

A club named “Love Hanoi" made its debut in Paris on November 18 to spread the love for the homeland in the Vietnamese community in France.
Members of the "Love Hanoi" Club in Paris at the launching ceremony. (Photo: VNA)
Members of the "Love Hanoi" Club in Paris at the launching ceremony. (Photo: VNA)

Speaking at the launching ceremony, chairwoman of the club Nguyen Thu Trang said the club aims to strengthen solidarity and connect Vietnamese people in France in particular and Europe in general as well as supporting Vietnamese children and boost tourism development in the home country.

Trang said to help Vietnamese students to have a better studying environment, the club has called on overseas Vietnamese communities in France as well as in Europe to support and build a scholarship fund to help children in difficult circumstances with good academic achievements in Vietnam.

Besides, the club aims to become a bridge to promote tourism through support and connection activities to help Vietnamese tourists access necessary tourism services when visiting France and Europe and vice versa.

Earlier, a club named “Love Vietnam’s seas and islands” was launched on March 19 in Paris, following the movement “All for Vietnam’s seas and islands” that is spreading across Europe.

Tran Thu Dung, a founder of the club, said the club aims to connect the community and French friends who love Vietnam in general and the country’s seas and islands in particular.

The club is also expected to promote Vietnamese people, nature, marine culture, and specialties to attract visitors to Vietnam.

Dung said that the club will also engage in fundraising to support students, teachers, schools, community houses, and libraries on Truong Sa islands, contributing to socio-economic development and protecting Vietnam's sovereignty over the seas and islands.

On this occasion, an exhibition on Vietnam’s seas and islands and several traditional art music performances were also introduced at the event.