Nghinh Phong Tower Square in Phu Yen wins 2023 Asian Townscape Award

Nghinh Phong Tower Square in Vietnam’s south-central province of Phu Yen has been given the 2023 Asian Townscape Award, establishing it as the only representative in Southeast Asia to win this year’s award.
An overview of Nghinh Phong Tower Square in Phu Yen Province (Photo: Tuy Hoa City People’s Committee)
An overview of Nghinh Phong Tower Square in Phu Yen Province (Photo: Tuy Hoa City People’s Committee)

The square was inaugurated in 2021, covering nearly 7,200 sq.m at the intersection of Nguyen Huu Tho and Doc Lap in Tuy Hoa City.

The tower’s design was inspired by the Ghenh Da Dia (The Cliff of Stone Plates), considered a symbol of the locality, and the legend of the “one hundred eggs and one hundred children” of Father Lac Long Quan and Mother Au Co.

It features two tall stone columns, one with a height of 35m representing Lac Long Quan and another 30 metres tall representing Au Co. Fifty stone blocks are stacked on top of each other at the bottom of each tower.

The space between the two high stone columns is just enough for two people to stand. Visitors can hear nature’s special and unique music composed by the wind blowing through the gaps.

The Asian Townscape Awards was initiated by the UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, in cooperation with Fukuoka Urban Research Centre, Asian Habitat Society and Asia Townscape Design Society, in 2010.

It aims to highlight and honour significant efforts by cities, regions, organisations and projects that have achieved excellent results in creating a comfortable living environment for people in Asia.

Winning works and projects are evaluated based on five criteria, including harmonious coexistence with the regional environment; safety, convenience and sustainability; respect for regional culture and history; high artistic quality; contributions to local development and capabilities of becoming models for other cities.