“Flowers” give off fragrance for life

Colourful puzzle pieces

Sunday, 2022-04-24 17:20:54
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Mr. Pham Viet Hoai (founding member of Kym Viet Company) talks with garment factory staff about products.
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NDO – With the slogan: “Products instead of words”, Kym Viet’s handmade products are the voice of people with disabilities in society: Each one has a destiny and a life story, but they have gathered together to form a colourful picture.

Kym Viet was established in 2013 with the aim to create jobs for people with disabilities, thus contributing to improving their incomes and improving their lives while helping them to integrate into the community; and to create sophisticated handicraft products with high use value and aesthetic value to serve the society.

With the business orientation of living by the product foundation, meet the market demand on design, colour and quality, not rely on compassion, all materials produced at Kym Viet have a clear origin, and ensure health and safety.

Kym Viet has received and created jobs, accommodation for 22 people with disabilities with an average stable salary of more than 6 million VND/person/month.

The company always educates its staff to understand that: People with disabilities can make good products, only by that will they remove their barriers of inferiority and society's stereotypes.

Most of the workers here have difficulties in communication, some people who are still slow in perceiving colours, skills and techniques are not as quick as normal people, so they get trained from 8 months to more than 1 year to participate in production.

Every needle and stitch is filled with efforts of each worker here.

Kym Viet's production facility space also features a cafe, where customers can not only view and choose to buy products, but can also come to learn how to communicate in sign language and better understand the positive messages of the disabled community.

Besides the high use and aesthetic value, Kym Viet wishes to convey to customers human stories and Vietnamese culture through its products.

Currently, Kym Viet's products have been selected as gifts on Vietnam Airlines flights or for those attending domestic and international cultural week events and handicraft fairs. Many partners or tourists directly came to the factory to learn and order products.

Mr. Pham Viet Hoai and the founders of Kym Viet hope that this model will be replicated in big cities and tourist destinations such as Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, etc. to create jobs for the disabled community, thereby helping them have a stable income, help their families, as well as reduce the burden on society.

Thuy Nguen - Tuan Dung