Unique fishing festival in Ha Tinh Province

Monday, 2022-06-13 17:38:32
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Born 300 years ago, Dong Hoa Fishing Festival in Xuan Vien Commune, Nghi Xuan District, is held annually upon completing the harvest.
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NDO – Thousands of locals and visitors flocked to the traditional Dong Hoa Fishing Festival, which was held in the Vuc Rao area of Bac Son Village, Xuan Vien Commune, Nghi Xuan District, Ha Tinh Province, on June 12.

Thousands of people watch and cheer. According to folklore, people who catch big fish will have good luck and harvest for the whole year.

This is one of unique traditional festivals imbued with the folklore cultural identity of locals with the spirit of agricultural and fishery encouragement while strengthening solidarity and cohesion among the residential community.

The festival is held at the foot of the Hong Linh Mountain range with a length of more than 1km and an area of about 30ha.

This area is home to many varieties of freshwater fish.

From dawn, people carry many kinds of fishing gear to join the festival. Following the ritual, the commune’s head will issue an order and hundreds of people rush into the lagoon to catch fish.

In addition to Dong Hoa Fishing Festival, many other localities now maintain their own fishing festivals, such as Me Village in Ha Noi and Phong Chau District in Phu Tho Province.

Translated by NDO