Exploring Cao Bang in spring

Thursday, 2020-01-09 11:37:23
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The path to a tourist area where Nui Thung Mountain is located.
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NDO - Cao Bang, a northeastern mountainous province, has a total area of over 6,703km², of which the forests and mountains account for over 90%.

The terrain in the province is quite diverse, with many rivers, hills, forests and deep valleys, creating many unique ecological sub-regions that can develop specific products.

The locality possesses many famous landscapes, including majestic Ban Gioc Waterfall, Pac Bo Cave and Lenin Stream, as well as Nguom Ngao Cave with fanciful stalactites and the wild and peaceful Nui Thung Mountain.

An overview of Ban Gioc Waterfall and Quay Son River, which is the boundary between Vietnam and China

Ban Gioc Waterfall attracts large numbers of visitors.

The Km No.0 landmark where the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail starts.

Nguom Ngao Cave has stalactites with many shapes, impressing visitors.

The watershed of Lenin Stream in the Pac Bo special national historical relic site in Ha Quang District, where President Ho Chi Minh worked and led Vietnamese revolution.

The path to Phat Tich Chuc Lam Ban Gioc Pagoda on Phia Nham Mountain, which is about 500m from Ban Gioc Waterfall, is also an ideal destination.

Nui Thung Mountain in Quoc Toan Commune, Tra Linh District

The wild beauty of Nui Thung Mountain

TRAN VIET/Translated by NDO