PM issues decree on Government’s working regulations

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has signed a decree to promulgate the working regulations of the Government.

A Government meeting (Photo: VGP)
A Government meeting (Photo: VGP)

Under the regulations, the Government makes its decision on the principle of the majority on matters under its jurisdiction.

The method for dealing with issues is discussing and deciding at Government meetings. In case the Government does not meet, a decision is made by polling Government members.

A Government decision must be approved by more than half of the total Government members. If the votes for and against an issue are equal, the final decision will be made following the Prime Minister’s opinion.

The Prime Minister is assigned to decide on behalf of the Government on urgent matters under the Government’s jurisdiction or those already agreed upon in principle by the Government.

The Prime Minister will report or assign a Deputy Prime Minister or Minister to report on behalf of the Prime Minister at the most recent Government meeting on decided matters.

The Government also delegates the power to local authorities to decide on or implement several state management tasks under their conditions and capacity.