Price of gold bars unchanged as gold rings increase slightly

The domestic prices of SJC-branded gold bars remained unchanged on July 10, while gold rings increased slightly.
Gold rings at DOJI. (Photo: Ngoc Bich)
Gold rings at DOJI. (Photo: Ngoc Bich)

Specifically, a tael of SJC gold was listed at 74.98 million VND for buying and 76.98 million VND for selling.

SJC’s gold rings rose by 50,000 VND to 74.35 million VND and 75.95 million VND for buying and selling respectively. The difference between the buying and selling prices was 1.6 million VND per tael.

In Hanoi, gold at DOJI was bought at 74.98 million VND per tael and sold at 76.98 million VND.

The buying and selling prices of PNJ gold were listed at 74.3 million VND and 75.9 million VND per tael respectively.

As of 11 am on July 10, the global price of gold rose by 8.3 USD to 2,366.9 USD per ounce.