Vinsmart to mass produce ventilators following regulatory approval

Wednesday, 2020-06-24 16:35:14
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Vinsmart's VFS-510 ventilator model has been approved for use.
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NDO - Vinsmart, the electronics arm of Vingroup, is starting mass production of ventilators both for the domestic market and export after its model, known as VFS-510, was approved by the Ministry of Health.

VFS-510 has undergone rigorous independent quality testing procedures at various top-level hospitals such as Bach Mai Hospital and 103 Military Hospital with close monitoring and evaluation from highly-qualified doctors and medical experts.

Trial results show the Vinsmart model meets the Ministry of Health’s quality, safety and functional standards, as well as fully complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

It is the first Vietnamese-made ventilator model to be formally approved by the Ministry of Health.

The VFS-510 was developed from the PB560 model whose design was made open-source by its maker Medtronic to other manufacturers due to the coronavirus pandemic causing a shortage of breathing machines around the world.

Vingroup said 70% of the components for its VFS-510 model are being developed by the company or produced in Vietnam.

The development of the VFS-510 also saw close collaboration with Medtronic engineers, who took part in software tuning to ensure its functions are completely compatible with Medtronic’s original model.

With its small size and diverse functionality, the device can be used to provide ventilation for both adults and children, as well treating other diseases, in addition to Covid-19.

The first batch of commercial ventilators is expected to ship on June 26 and be handed over to the embassies of Russia and Ukraine under a donation agreement signed on May 6.

Earlier, Vingroup sent its ventilators to the two above-mentioned countries for quality testing as required.