Singapore piloting to welcome Vietnamese workers in construction, maritime, and processing industries

From August 2021 to August 2022, Singapore is piloting welcoming Vietnamese to work in their country, specifically in its construction, maritime, and processing industries, under a Work Permit, according to information from the island state’s Ministry of Manpower.

Information on work permits for migrant workers on the website of the Ministry of Manpower Singapore. (Photo:
Information on work permits for migrant workers on the website of the Ministry of Manpower Singapore. (Photo:

Singapore previously only allowed Vietnamese to work in the country under an Employment Pass, a work visa program for foreign experts with specialised skills, or an S Pass, for skilled foreign workers.

The Ministry of Manpower also announced that licensed labour recruitment companies are permitted to conduct labour recruitment activities.

Contracts for Vietnamese workers going to Singapore, to work in the construction industry must comply with the laws of both Vietnam and Singapore, while following regulations on working times, days off, public holidays, overtime payments, insurance, and other matters.

Detailed information about the conditions for issuance of Work Permits, deadlines and how to apply are available on the website of the Ministry of Manpower Singapore: /work-permit-for-foreign-worker

Notably, Vietnamese will work for a maximum of eight hours a day, 44 hours a week, and be entitled to at least one day off per week and paid leave on public holidays. They are also allowed to take paid annual leave.

Employers must pay health insurance for their employees, at a minimum of SGD15,000 (11,140 USD) per year. Employers may also require that employees should co-pay health insurance premiums, but only up to ten percent of their monthly salary.

According to the Vietnamese Embassy in Singapore, the average salary, including basic salary and fixed allowances, for Vietnamese workers in the construction industry under the pilot program, is the same as for Thai workers, at SGD768-840 (570-623USD) per month. Workers are also provided with free accommodation.

In 2021, the number of Vietnamese workers going to work abroad will reach more than 45,000 people, including more than 15,100 female workers. The number of workers going to work in Singapore, is 713 people.

(According to the Department of Overseas Labour)