Spring in the mountainous commune of Y Ty

Spring in Y Ty Commune, Bat Xat District, in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai, is a colourful and exciting experience. In spring, the cold gradually disappears and the warm rays of the sun gently glide over the high mountains. The scenery of Y Ty seems as if it is awakening from the mist.
The beauty of Y Ty Commune
The beauty of Y Ty Commune

Sitting with someone, you can open your hand and list Y Ty spring as the time of flowers. Wild apricot flowers, hoaban (bauhinia flowers) and orchids on top of tall trees all bloom together.

There are a few types of flowers that have dark branches,shrivelled trunks, and closed flower buds during the cold winter which cherish the joy of welcoming visitors in spring, such as cherry blossoms along the roads, red peach blossoms on the mountainside, and mustard and plum flowers blooming in pure white.

That's spring, the season when trees sprout and terraced fields begin to show their wonderful beauty, thanks to the hands of the people in preparing for the new rice season.

Visitors should go slowly and explore the daily of local people. Learning the simple things from labour, tourists can feel a spiritual connection to a specific land based on the experiences and memories hidden in each person.

Familiar emotions from the fields, houses, and the dirty buffaloes take you back to the past. Coming to Y Ty in the spring, we can look back at special pieces such as the rice mortars, which are different but also familiar, and the bamboo fences used to prevent buffaloes from destroying the fields. And the presence of silence stimulates the imagination for strong associative emotions. Moreover, a drifting cloud also creates a blurry illusion.

Closing your eyes, you will imagine the lush green rice fields in the upcoming time. And soon, the sound of cicadas chirping from the forests, the sound of streams gurgling through the rocks arranged high and low to support the clear but noisy flow. In addition to its natural beauty, spring is also a time for traditional cultural activities. The areas markets and festivals with folk games and art performances always attract tourists from far away.