Vietnam Farmers’ Union strives for prosperous agriculture, modern rural areas

The Central Committee of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VFU) re-elected Thao Xuan Sung as Chairman of the union for the 2018-2023 tenure at its first meeting on December 12.

The new VFU Central Committee with 119 members. (Photo: VNA)
The new VFU Central Committee with 119 members. (Photo: VNA)

The VFU Central Committee with 119 members was elected at the VFU’s 7th National Congress earlier the same day.

At a press conference held after the congress concluded in Hanoi on December 13, VFU Chairman Thao Xuan Sung said the congress had adopted several important documents, including the political report of the VFU’s 6th Central Committee, the union’s revised Charter and the report on the performance of the VFU’s 6th Central Committee.

The congress had approved 14 targets for the next tenure with 100% of votes, along with five missions and solutions, including strengthening the union and the farmer class and promoting agricultural development, the building of new rural areas and sustainable poverty reduction.

The union will also join efforts to build a strong Communist Party of Vietnam, administration and the national unity bloc, while carrying out national defence-security tasks and expanding international cooperation.

The VFU’s 7th National Congress opened in Hanoi on December 12 with General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Nguyen Phu Trong attending and delivering a speech.

The event drew 999 delegates representing more than 10 million farmers nationwide.