Vietnam is world’s 13th largest mango producer

Vietnam is the 13th largest producer of mangoes in the world, with a total production area of 87,000 hectares and output of 893,200 tonnes in 2020, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).

Vietnam is world’s 13th largest mango producer

Mangoes are one of the main tropical fruits grown in Vietnam, second only to bananas.

Most Vietnamese mango production is concentrated in the Mekong Delta region, which accounts for 48% of the country’s total production area and produced 567,732 tonnes last year, nearly two thirds of the total national output.

In 2020 Vietnamese mango exports brought in US$180.8 million, down 9% from the previous year due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

China was the largest importer of Vietnamese mangoes, to a value of US$151.8 million, followed by Russia with US$8.4 million and Papua New Guinea with US$5.5 million.

Other importers of the fruit included the US, the Republic of Korea, the EU, Japan and Hong Kong (China).

According to Director Nguyen Quoc Toan of the MARD’s Department of Processing and Market Development, if Vietnam wants to increase mango exports to large markets, it needs to consider developing its value chain from production to processing and packaging so as to meet all requirements of importing countries.

The MARD said it will take the necessary measures to support mango producers in increasing their exports to key markets such as the US, the EU, China, Japan and the Republic of Korea.