Vietnam responds to the 2015 Asian Children’s Art Festival

The 2015 Asian Children’s Art Festival will continue to provide opportunities for children around the world to understand the daily life of Asian people through the form of illustrated picture diaries.

Vietnam responds to the 2015 Asian Children’s Art Festival

The programme is co-organised by the Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committee, the Asian Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations, and the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan.

Initiated in 1990, the event aims to encourage children to gain literacy through creating their own and reading other children’s picture diaries; to promote mutual understanding and respect for different cultures.

The festivals bring together illustrated diaries by children throughout Asia, aged 6 to 12. The most outstanding artworks will be selected and displayed at an exhibition scheduled to open in different locations throughout Japan.

In Vietnam, the festival will be hosted by the Department of Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibition and the International Co-operation Department.

The children are asked to draw a picture diary about things from their everyday lives they want to introduce with other children in Asia. The diaries and drawings are to be based around such topics as local customs, events, favourite things to do for fun, families and friends, school lives, festivals, or traditional performing arts.

Organisers will collect entries from November 23-27.