War veterans meet Vietnamese expats in Laos

Nhan Dan/VNA - A club of Vietnamese fellow-countrymen in Xiangkhouang, Laos organised an exchange in Vientiane on September 7 with a delegation from the Truong Son Club, including former Vietnamese volunteer soldiers in Laos.

At the event
At the event

Speaking at the event, Chairman of the club Tran Hanh said the club has been operating for nine years with its members mainly being Vietnamese who were born and raised in Xiangkhouang province and who are living in the capital Vientiane .

Members help each other in business and preserve Vietnamese cultural identities, thus contributing to nurture Vietnam and Laos’ special relationship, he added.

On behalf of Truong Son war veterans, Colonel Dang Cong Huynh from the Truong Son-Ho Chi Minh Trail Traditional Association said he is very happy to meet with overseas Vietnamese in Xiangkhouang.

Truong Son ex-soldiers and former Vietnamese volunteers in Laos will never forget the assistance of the Lao people and Vietnamese in Xiangkhouang for them during the war, he affirmed.

According to Huynh, since it was set up in 2011, his association has developed into a network of 128 chapters across the country with nearly 30,000 members. It has built 1,300 charity houses and presented 400 scholarships to poor children.