120th birth anniversary of prominent leader celebrated in Russia

The Vietnamese Embassy in Russia held a ceremony on March 29 to mark the 120th birth anniversary of Nguyen Luong Bang, a prominent leader of the Vietnamese Party and revolution and also the country’s first ambassador to the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.
The ceremony held by the Vietnamese Embassy in Russia on March 29 (Photo: VNA)
The ceremony held by the Vietnamese Embassy in Russia on March 29 (Photo: VNA)

As one of the first members of the Party, throughout his revolutionary career, Bang showed a strong mettle and unyielding trust in the goals and ideals of the Party and revolution, surmounted multiple dangers, and excellently fulfilled all assigned tasks, thereby significantly contributing to revolutionary successes of the Party and the nation.

In 1952, when Vietnam was still in a resistance war against the French colonialists, he was appointed the country’s first ambassador to the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. In this position, he worked hard to help leaders of the Soviet Union’s Party, State, and people to better understand and support the resistance war and create conditions for enhancing solidarity between the two Parties, States, and peoples.

Addressing the ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to Russia Dang Minh Khoi emphasised his predecessor’s example of practicing thrift, paving the way for diplomatic activities in the Soviet Union, making self-improvement, and training the first diplomats of Vietnam here.

The activities in those early days laid a firm foundation for the sound diplomatic ties between Vietnam and the Soviet Union, now between Vietnam and Russia, he added.

Khoi asked all the staff members of the embassy, diplomats, along with press, trade, military, and security representatives of Vietnam in Russia to follow the late leader’s example to continue reforming, building, and developing the modern and comprehensively strong diplomacy of Vietnam that is deeply imbued with the characteristics of Vietnamese bamboo.