Binh Thuan celebrates Ho Chi Minh's legacy with photo exhibition

The south-central province of Binh Thuan is celebrating the 134th birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh (May 19) and the 113th anniversary of his departure from the country in search for the way for national salvation (June 5) with a special photo exhibition at the Duc Thanh relic site.
At the exhibition (Photo: VNA)
At the exhibition (Photo: VNA)

The event, launched on May 15 by the provincial branch of the Ho Chi Minh Museum, showcases over 40 photos capturing the late leader's daily life. These images offer a window into his values: a life of simplicity, a deep connection with the people, unwavering respect for humanity, and a profound love for labour and nature.

The month-long event aims to encourage people from walks of life to actively study and follow his thought, moral virtue, and living style.

In addition to the photos on President Ho Chi Minh, the organiser is also displaying around 100 others highlighting the rich cultural, historical values and tourism potential of Binh Thuan.