Experience of cloud chasing in Cao Bang Province’s Luc Khu region

Luc Khu is a poor region in Ha Quang District, in the northern mountainous province of Cao Bang. However, visitors to the area will earn the great experience of admiring the mountains with fairly uniform heights and fancy shapes. The white and beautiful clouds in the early morning are especially promising at surprising tourists.

Chasing clouds is an interesting experience in Luc Khu. (Photo: VAN TIEP)
Chasing clouds is an interesting experience in Luc Khu. (Photo: VAN TIEP)

Luc Khu is a common name of the seven mountainous communes in Ha Quang District, which include Thuong Thon, Noi Thon, Hong Sy, Ma Ba, Lung Nam, Cai Vien and Tong Cot.

It takes about two hours by motorbike to reach Luc Khu from the city to hunt clouds in the early morning. The majestic scenery gradually appears with the magical mist covering the road, flickering firelight on the mountainside and a little white smoke. Previously, life was very difficult for the local people due to the high terrain, many caves and lack of water. However, favourable agriculture and large water tanks have significantly improved the locals’ lives. Rocky mountains are the “specialty” of Luc Khu; however, the mountains appear as if they have been duplicated many times. They are like giant "mushrooms" that sprout after the early autumn rain.

At an altitude of more than 300 metres, visitors can see a vast sea of clouds. The small layers of clouds around the mountainsidebarely reveal the peak, while the immense clouds higher up are enough to make anyone who has the opportunity to admire themfeel excited. When the sun rises, the clouds fade away and the early light of the sun shines through the cliffs and the canopies, to create a fanciful space. This is also the time when people start going to the market to sell agricultural products.

H'Mong people going to the market is a familiar scene, but it always causes tourists to want to discover the secret behind the bags on their backs. The small stalls feature goods imbued with the cultural identity of the mountainous area. Looking at the children brought by their parents to the market early to eat a delicious bowl of pho (noodle soup), every visitor will find it also delicious.

Translated by NDO