Goodbye comrade Do Muoi, a consistent communist with wholehearted devotion

Comrade Do Muoi bid farewell to us, leaving a great loss to the Party, the State and Vietnamese people.

General Secretary Do Muoi (C) exchanges with female delegates attending the 7th session of the 6th Executive Board of the Vietnam Women's Union, Hanoi, mid-October 1991. (Photo: VNA/Xuan Lam)
General Secretary Do Muoi (C) exchanges with female delegates attending the 7th session of the 6th Executive Board of the Vietnam Women's Union, Hanoi, mid-October 1991. (Photo: VNA/Xuan Lam)

>>> Former Party General Secretary Do Muoi passes away

>>> Special notice on former Party chief Do Muoi’s passing away

Comrade Do Muoi's revolutionary career was a brilliant one. Strengthened by activities in the working class with his revolutionary enthusiasm, he always showed the quality of a strong communist soldier and a talented leader while holding a range of key positions.

He was entrusted by the Party and State with many tasks in a very difficult revolutionary period, but with strong determination, self-reliance and capabilities honed during revolutionary struggle, comrade Do Muoi and the collectives of Party leaders led the country to overcome challenges and difficulties in many periods that seemed difficult to overcome.

Over 80 years of revolutionary activities, comrade Do Muoi made great contributions to the revolutionary cause of the Party and people. He was awarded the Gold Star Order by the Party and the State, the 80-year Party membership insignia by the Party, as well as many other noble medals of Vietnam and other countries.

Comrade Do Muoi joined the revolution in 1936 and was admitted to the Communist Party in 1939. In 1941, he was arrested by French colonialists and sentenced to 10 years in Ha Dong and Hoa Lo prisons. In 1945, when Japan staged a coup d’etat to overtake France, he escaped from Hoa Lo, contacted with the Party and continued his operations. He was entrusted with many important positions in the past two resistant wars. As the country launched Doi Moi (renovation) policy, comrade Do Muoi made important contributions, as Chairman of the Council of Ministers (now Prime Minister), in making and designing many innovative policies of the Party and State.

He, together with the leaders of the Party and the State, directed the study and submission to the 7th National Party Congress to adopt two historical documents, namely, the Platform on construction in the transitional period to socialism and the Strategy for socio-economic stabilisation and development by 2000. These documents have identified a system of perspectives, guidelines and solutions that further promote the country's comprehensive reform towards the socialist orientation and opening to integrate with the world.

In his years serving as General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (from June 1991 to December 1997), with practical experience, comrade Do Muoi joined the Party Central Committee, the Politburo and the Secretariat to unite, unify, lead and direct the entire Party, the people and the army to continue implementing the Doi Moi policy, building and defending the Fatherland, and fulfilling the tasks entrusted by the Party, the State and the people.

He made many contributions, while setting up and directing the implementation of many strategic solutions, thus steadfastly pursuing the goal of national independence combined with socialism, continuing to enhance the strength for the Party, gradually bringing the above-mentioned Platform and Strategy to life, bringing the country out of socio-economic crisis, and creating new momentum for the innovation and international integration.

Comrade Do Muoi is a person of action, as he always took actions in parallel with his sayings. With his profound knowledge in many fields and active thinking, comrade Do Muoi made impression and great contribution to many important policy making stages, including the planning of a socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam; the international economic integration with self-reliance; the national industrialisation cause and the upward trend of agriculture, rural areas and farmers; as well as the active and effective implementation of an external policy of independence, self-reliance and multilateralisation of external relations, stating that Vietnam is willing to be friends with all countries for peace, cooperation and development.

As a Party chief, comrade Do Muoi promoted democracy in the Party and among the people. He always kept a leadership style that was close to reality and close to the people. He proposed to develop and implement the grassroots democracy regulation to promote the people's right as the nation’s owners and to make social relations healthier, thus actively contributing to building a clean and strong government. At the same time, he always paid attention to direct the building and perfecting the law system, strengthening the socialist legal system, and building the State truly of the people, by the people and for the people.

Remembering comrade Do Muoi - an outstanding student of President Ho Chi Minh, we remember the image of a consistent leader with revolutionary principle and realistic working style, who was always passionate in self-study and self-research for creativity against the new evolution of reality. As a General Secretary with great quality and morality of a communist "always loyal to the country and wholehearted with the people," a sincere heart of a leader who always attached to the reality of the country, with sincere and simple living that brought him close and harmonious with the people, he will live forever among us.

With great compassion for comrade Do Muoi’s passing way, we will firmly step on the revolutionary path that the Party, Uncle Ho and Vietnamese people have chosen, insisting on Marxist-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh Thought and the ideal of national independence and socialism, to promote comprehensive reform, for the purpose of building a Vietnam with "prosperous people, a strong nation, democracy, justice and civilisation."