Government announces action plan for 2016-2021 term

NDO—The Government for the new term has issued Resolution No. 100/NQ-CP, dated November 18, on publicising its programme for the next five years.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaks during a monthly cabinet meeting at the Government’s headquarters in Hanoi. (Credit: VGP)
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaks during a monthly cabinet meeting at the Government’s headquarters in Hanoi. (Credit: VGP)

Accordingly, the document defined six main groups of tasks for the Government, including streamlining the Government’s organisational structure and building a staff, especially officials at the strategic level, with sufficient capacity and quality to meet the requirements of their positions.

It calls for innovative solutions to renovating the growth model and improve its quality, while increasing labour productivity and the competitiveness of the economy.

Advancing care for people’s life, solving urgent problems, improving social welfare and ensuring social security and sustainable poverty reduction are also another group of tasks.

Other tasks are promoting the human factor in all areas of social life, with a focus on people’s ethics, personalities, lifestyles, wisdom and ability to work, building a healthy cultural environment, promoting people’s ownership rights and consolidating the bloc of great national unity.

The resolution also calls for a resolute and tenacious struggle to firmly safeguard the country’s independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity; ensure political security, social order and safety; improve the efficiency of external activities and positive international integration; and maintain a peaceful and stable environment and favourable conditions for the country’s development.

The last task set in the document is stepping up propaganda work.

The resolution stated that streamlining the Government’s apparatus should be in line with building a clean and strong Government with integrity that takes decisive action, serves the people and businesses, creates a favourable environment for investment and business operations and promotes democracy, as well as enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations and stepping up the fight against corruption, wastefulness and bureaucracy.

Each Government official should be responsible to the Party, State and people for assigned tasks while fully implementing the tasks and powers specified in the Constitution and laws and actively participating in the Government’s collective work under the Government Regulations.

On the basis of the main tasks set out in this programme, the Government has requested that ministers, the heads of ministerial-level agencies and the Chairpersons of People's Committees urgently formulate the programmes for their agencies and locales and concretise them into annual plans.

They were urged to strengthen inspection of the implementation of the programme and to make annual evaluation reports to the Ministry of Planning and Investment to submit to the Government.

The minister of Planning and Investment should coordinate with the Government Office and relevant ministries, central agencies and locales to monitor and supervise the implementation of the programme, while making recommendations to the Government and the Prime Minister about necessary measures to ensure the effective implementation of the programme.