Ho Chi Minh City ranks among best cities for solo travellers

Airbnb has listed Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City among the top 10 best cities for solo travellers.

Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City

The list is based on data provided by the popular home rental site for 2016.

Ho Chi Minh City ranks in second position in the list, after Mexico's Cancun City.

Grabbing the number three spot is Cologne, Germany, followed by Playa del Carmen, Mexico; Johannesburg, South Africa; São Paulo, Brazil; Auckland, New Zealand; Mexico City, Mexico; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Busan, Republic of Korea.

According to Airbnb, destinations around the world are piquing the interest of solo travellers. Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam saw a 146% increase in interest, while Cologne in Germany was close behind at 142%. Interest has also spiked by 135% for Johannesburg, 128% for Sao Paulo, 114% for Auckland, 106% for Charlotte and 103% for Busan.

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