Meeting of ASEAN working group on IP held in Indonesia

The Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights on November 7 held the 71st ASEAN Working Group on Intellectual Cooperation (WGIPC) Meeting in Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.
At the 71st ASEAN Working Group on Intellectual Cooperation (WGIPC) Meeting (Photo: Antara)
At the 71st ASEAN Working Group on Intellectual Cooperation (WGIPC) Meeting (Photo: Antara)

In her opening remarks, the ministry's Director General of Intellectual Property Min Usihen affirmed that Indonesia, as an ASEAN member, will support all programmes agreed upon in the framework of the ASEAN Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Action Plan 2016-2025.

Indonesia will also support the formulation of a post-2025 IPR action plan to anticipate the emergence of new technologies, she said, adding it has become a leading country in the implementation of copyright-related initiatives outlined in the ASEAN IPR Action Plan 2016-2025.

Additionally, Indonesia has played a prominent role in delivering actions plans related to genetic resources, traditional knowledge, and traditional cultural expressions, as evidenced by its experience in protecting intellectual property rights amid cultural diversity in the nation, she said.

Most recently, the Intellectual Property Directorate General signed an agreement on cooperation in the establishment of an intellectual property training institution, called IP Academy, in Indonesia with the World Intellectual Property Organization, the official stated.

She expressed her hope that the Ministry of Law and Human Rights will be able to forge cooperation with the ASEAN IP Academy and other ASEAN member countries that already set up their own IP establishments.

Efforts to disseminate information on intellectual property rights to young people are essential for supporting the growth of the creative economy, she said, highlighting the Indonesian Government has carried out an array of activities to promote IP across the nation.

The ASEAN WGIPC Meeting has drawn the participation of representatives from intellectual property offices of ASEAN countries. It serves as a forum for stakeholders to discuss various issues, including preparations for the next negotiations on the Upgraded IP Framework Agreement, the status for the implementation of the ASEAN IPR Action Plan 2016-2025, and the formulation of the next IPR action plan.