Merry, safe, sentimental Tet ensured for all: Prime Minister

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh chaired a meeting of permanent Government members on February 15, the first working day after the Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday, to review this year’s Tet situation and launch some focal tasks.
PM Pham Minh Chinh speaks at the meeting of permanent Government members on February 15. (Photo: VNA)
PM Pham Minh Chinh speaks at the meeting of permanent Government members on February 15. (Photo: VNA)

Officials reported that ministries, sectors, and localities cared for people’s material and spiritual lives by properly implementing social security policies along with activities of gratitude to war invalids, families of war martyrs, and revolution contributors. Tet gifts and assistance worth over 7.76 trillion VND (317.4 million USD) were presented to more than 13.9 million people of target groups.

The supply of Tet goods, especially the essentials, was abundant with ensured quality and stable prices, tourism continued to flourish, while many construction sites and factories sustained activities throughout Tet to speed up progress, they said, adding that public health care was also carried out well.

Participants also highlighted that traffic and transportation were basically smooth with violations strictly handled, political security and national security firmly maintained, social order and safety guaranteed, and the rules on thrift practice and wastefulness prevention seriously implemented.

In addition, many cultural and festive activities deeply imbued with national identity have taken place in a civilised manner. All people welcomed Tet in a merry, sentimental, healthy, safe, and economical manner, officials noted.

They said during the seven-day holiday, the tourism sector recorded about 10.5 million domestic travelers, up 16.6% from the 2023 Tet, including some 3.5 million temporary tenants (up 75%). Some localities housing international terminals welcomed cruise tourists during Tet, a signal of a good year for the attraction of international visitors.

The meeting reviews this year's Tet situation and launch some focal tasks. (Photo: VNA)

The meeting reviews this year's Tet situation and launch some focal tasks. (Photo: VNA)

Applauding ministries, sectors, localities, agencies, and relevant units’ good performance of their tasks during Tet, PM Chinh particularly appreciated the forces staying on duty to safeguard the country’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and border; guarantee political stability and social order and safety; care for people’s health; and keep the environment clean.

He affirmed that under the leadership of the Party, led by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, and thanks to support from the National Assembly, the entire political system, people, businesses, and international friends, the Government organised a merry, healthy, safe, economical, and sentimental Tet for the people.

He demanded a directive of the PM be issued immediately to promote the implementation of post-Tet focal tasks.

In particular, the Government leader asked for continued efforts to step up production and business activities, create jobs and livelihoods for people, and ensure social security.

The PM ordered post-Tet festivals be held in a safe and civilised manner that brings into play the national identity, public health care promoted, and communications enhanced to fight distortions and sabotage allegations by hostile forces.

Besides, he told ministries, sectors, and localities to coordinate closely and effectively to tackle difficulties facing people and businesses while pressing on with the perfection of regulations, mechanisms, and policies to mobilise every resource for national development.