National Assembly to pass five laws this week

The National Assembly is scheduled to vote to approve a number of laws and resolutions during the last days of its sixth session from November 27-29.
At a NA working session. (Photo: VNA)
At a NA working session. (Photo: VNA)

The laws are the Law on Citizen Identification, the Housing Law (amended), the Law on Water Resources (amended), the Law on Real Estate Business (amended), and the law on forces participating in the protection of security and order at the grassroots level, of which the first three are expected to be adopted on November 27.

The resolutions cover piloting some specific mechanisms and policies on investment in the construction of road traffic projects, the application of additional corporate income tax in accordance with regulations to prevent the erosion of the global tax base, the results of thematic supervisions over the implementation of the legislature’s resolutions on national target programmes, and question-and-answer activities, and the resolution of the sixth sitting.

On November 27, legislators will also look into the draft revised Capital Law and the Government’s reports on the preliminary review of the pilot urban government model in Hanoi and the central city of Da Nang, and the three-year implementation of the model in Ho Chi Minh City.

In the afternoon, they will scrutinise the draft amended Law on Archives.