PM directs strengthened management over scrap imports

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has issued Instruction No.27 on intensifying the management over the import and use of scrap as material for production.

Scrap paper imported through the Hai Phong Port
Scrap paper imported through the Hai Phong Port

Accordingly, the PM requested that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment does not grant new certificates and extensions for entrusted importers of scrap and does not grant permission for scrap imports for preliminary processing.

The ministry should only consider the issuance of certificates for scrap importers who prove their demand for and capability of using scrap as material for production and meet the requirements for environmental protection.

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc asked for the review, amendment, and promulgation of new national technical standards on the environment concerning imported scrap materials in the third quarter of this year, in order to strictly manage the quality of imported scrap and facilitate the appraisal of imported scrap.

He also instructed the functional agencies to prevent imported consignments of scrap which fail to meet regulations of the Vietnamese law, while carrying out the re-export of consignments which take advantage of the import of scrap materials to bring waste to Vietnam.

In the Instruction, the PM also stated that scrap imports through border gates by road and railway will be banned as of October 1 this year.