Vietnam is an important partner of Russia in Asia-Pacific

Tuesday, 2017-11-07 11:51:25
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Russian Ambassador to Vietnam Konstantin Vnukov
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NDO – On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Russian October Revolution (November 7, 1917-2017), Russian Ambassador to Vietnam Konstantin Vnukov granted an interview to Nhan Dan (People) reporter on the great significance of the Revolution as well as the reality and prospects for traditional friendship and comprehensive strategic partnership between Vietnam and Russia.

Question: Could you tell us more about the great significance of the Russian October Revolution to the country and the world as well as for Vietnamese revolution and the valuable traditional friendship between the two nations?

Ambassador Konstantin Vnukov: The great Russian October Revolution was certainly one of the most important events in the world’s history, becoming a catalyst for important changes in the political system, economy, society and culture of almost countries in the world. One of the main results of the Revolution was the birth of Soviet Union. I would like to emphasise that the foundation for the formation of Soviet Union were advanced principles at that time, including rights of self-determination and equality of the nations as well as the protection of the legal rights and interests of workers, which were always placed on the top.

The Soviet Union’s legacy of ensuring human rights and fundamental freedoms played an important role in shaping the modern world’s civilisation. They were opportunities to work and rest under the normal conditions; the rights in the fields of education, health cares and other social welfare programmes; gender equality; the right to vote and run for election. All these achievements are quite normal in present time, but seemed impossible before 1917. It can be said that many countries in the world were grateful to the Russian October Revolution for these advanced thoughts.

The Russian October Revolution has inspired the aspirations of changes and struggles for freedom of many other nations, especially Vietnam. What happened in the Soviet before and after the Revolution became the catalyst for a phenomenon which V.I. Lenin called ‘The awakening of Asia’ in his writings. The events in 1917 paved the way for the victory of Vietnamese people during their fight for independence and freedom, which was the basis for the establishment of the relationship between the two countries since the second half of the 20th century. The strategic and comprehensive partnership between Russia and Vietnam today can be seen as a positive effect of the Russian October Revolution.

Question: The good relations between Vietnam and Russia have been nurtured and developed by their leaders and people over the past years. How do you assess the outstanding results of cooperation between the two countries, particularly since the establishment of strategic partnership in 2012? What do you think about the prospect for the relations between Vietnam and Russia in the coming time?

Ambassador Konstantin Vnukov: Over the past year, Vietnam and Russia have maintained the bilateral cooperation at a very high level, particularly since the two sides elevated their relationship into a comprehensive strategic partnership. The leaders and people of the two nations have ceaselessly nurtured the good relationship. Vietnamese and Russian leaders have regularly and actively conducted political dialogues. This year has witnessed important visits by the two countries’ senior leaders to each other, including the State-visit made by President Tran Dai Quang to Russia in June and the upcoming Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attendance the APEC Economic Leaders' Week in Vietnam in November. In addition, the National Assembly leaders have also made many visits in 2017.

Vietnam is always an important partner of Russia in the Asia-pacific region. In the coming time, Russia will continue its efforts to enhance the bilateral relations with Vietnam in different fields, including politics, economy, military, science, education, culture, tourism and people exchange.

The two countries have recently paid special attention to boosting trade and investment cooperation. I believe that after coming into effect and gaining the initiative on positive results for over one year, Vietnam-Eurasian Economic Union Free Trade Agreement will create important advances for the trade and investment cooperation between Vietnam and Russia.

Thank you so much for the interview!