Seafood export value expected to reach 7.8 billion USD per year

The Prime Minister has just issued Decision No.985/QD-TTg promulgating the National Programme for Aquaculture Development for the 2021-2030 period.

Illustrative image
Illustrative image

The overall objective of the Programme is to develop effective and sustainable aquaculture, proactively adapt to climate change, and improve productivity, quality, value and competitiveness of aquaculture products while meeting the requirements of domestic and export markets. By 2030, aquaculture production will reach 7.0 million tonnes/year, contributing to job creation and income improvement for workers.

By 2025, the total aquaculture production will reach 5.6 million tonnes a year, the export value will reach 7.8 billion USD a year, and the price growth rate of aquaculture value will increase an average of 4.0% a year.

The Programme also facilitates investment in essential infrastructure to meet production requirements for more than 30 concentrated aquaculture zones and concentrated seed production areas, for building a chain of production, processing and consumption, ensuring stable output for over 30% of aquaculture products.

One of the contents of the Programme is aquaculture development. In which, brackish water shrimp will see new and advanced techniques being applied in production to save water and fuel, be environmentally friendly, limit the use of antibiotics in production, and create high-quality products, meeting the requirements of the market, while farming in the direction of minimising greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the use of plastic materials that are harmful to the ecological environment and reducing the environmental pollution.

The Programme also aims to develop production systems, supply materials and aquaculture supporting industries.