Vietnamese students will not return to school until September

Wednesday, 2020-07-01 11:20:22
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A new academic year will open on September 5.
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NDO - Vietnamese students and teachers will not return to school before September 1 to ensure they have sufficient summer breaks as the previous school year was extended to late June due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The virus forced the closure of most schools in Vietnam for several months, cutting short the summer holiday to just one and a half months, compared with the usual three months.

The Ministry of Education and Training has decided that ceremonies to launch a new academic year will take place on September 5 across the country.

It said schools are strictly forbidden to hold classes before this date.

The ministry is also planning to reduce the curriculum of the 2020-2021 school year to 35 weeks for all levels of education in order to increase the time for extracurricular activities and summer breaks.

As of June 30, about 888,000 high-school seniors had registered to sit graduation examinations scheduled for early August, of which 636,000 will use their results from the exams to apply for university and college positions.