Team of Vietnamese engineers win first place at Kaggle competition

A team of two Vietnamese engineers of the messaging platform Zalo have won a data competition entitled “Show US the Data” organised by the Coleridge Initiative on Kaggle.

Nguyen Quan Anh Minh and Nguyen Tuan Khoi
Nguyen Quan Anh Minh and Nguyen Tuan Khoi

The pair, Nguyen Quan Anh Minh - a 1997-born AI engineer - and Nguyen Tuan Khoi - a 1994-born data engineer, will receive a cash prize of US$30,000.

In addition to the award, the solution proposed by these two young engineers is expected to be applied to data analysis in the United States.

“Show US the Data” challenges data scientists to help show how publicly funded data and evidence are used to serve science and society, said a statement on the Coleridge Initiative website.

It added that data, evidence, and science are critical if governments are to effectively combat pandemics, manage climate change and address many other challenges.

After nearly three months of competition, Anh and Khoi overcame 1,600 teams from many countries with advanced levels of technology to clinch the top position.

Zalo is a leading company in Vietnam in AI research and application, focusing on four areas: computer vision, speech processing, natural language processing, and big data & machine learning.