Three female scientists honoured with L’Oréal – UNESCO Awards 2023

Three outstanding female scientists were honoured with L'Oréal – UNESCO Science Awards for the Development of Women in Science 2023 for their potential research projects in the fields of materials science and life sciences, on November 24.
Three female scientists honoured with L’Oréal – UNESCO Awards 2023

They are Associate Professor PhD Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai, Deputy Director of the Centre for Infectious Disease Research, International University under the Ho Chi Minh City National University; Tran Thi Kim Chi, Director of the Electron Microscopy Department, Institute of Materials Science under the Việt Nam Academy of Science and Technology; and Associate Professor PhD Nguyen Thi Ai Nhung, Director of the Centre for Research, Production and Technology Transfer under the Institute of Science and Technology Research and Application, and also Head of physical chemistry major, Faculty of Chemistry under the Hue University of Sciences.

They were selected based on their outstanding scientific research achievements, and the modernity, novelty, applicability and potential of their research projects. The prize is worth 150 million VND (6,100 USD) for each scientist.

The three female scientists honoured this year have research projects related to developing a process to detect antibiotic resistance genes using the digital droplet PCR technique, antibacterial ability and inhibiting disease syndrome from endemic medicinal plants in Vietnam, and multivalent metal ion batteries using MnO2 nanomaterials, hybridised with graphene as the positive electrode material.

They will continue to be nominated for international awards.

Nguyen Ngoc Tuyet Trinh, Deputy General Director of L'Oreal Vietnam, said that this year's award-winning projects were highly relevant to the current situation and were of interest to Vietnam and the world.

The ambitious research results would contribute to social development, environmental protection and human health, she said.

Vietnamese researchers have been named for the International Talented Young Scientist Awards in 2015, 2018 and 2022.

Their research projects are highly appreciated by the World Science Council for their potential and significance in bringing about a better world.

The annual L'Oréal – UNESCO Science Awards for the Development of Women in Science were first introduced to Vietnam in 2009 to support and encourage women’s improvement of scientific knowledge, creativity and passion.

During the past 14 years, the award specifically for women has honoured 38 outstanding Vietnamese female scientists through research projects that have great scientific significance, changing lives in the community and demonstrating their passion for scientific research.