Unique fair introduces impressive paintings and statues

Taking place monthly, a unique art fair in Quang An Ward (Hanoi) is not only a destination for visual art enthusiasts but also serves as a bridge connecting artists and artworks with the public.
Painter Truong Thuy Anh at the exhibition "Mieu".
Painter Truong Thuy Anh at the exhibition "Mieu".

July Art Fair was held from July 7-13 at the art space and studio of visual artist Truong Thuy Anh. Located in Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, the fair not only displays ceramic pictures, sculptures, and handicrafts, but also features workshops, dialogues with artists, and practical activities for children to experience art.

Initiated in December 2022, the fair aims to bring arts closer to the community of all ages and establish a habit of purchasing artwork as gifts for special occasions.

Therefore, the art fair operates monthly, with the participation and introduction of many paintings, sculptures, and ceramic works by many renowned artists, including Trinh Vu Hieu, Nguyen Ngoc Cuong, Hoang Do Cuong, Nguyen Nam Dong, Nguyen Phan Bach, and Tran Hoang Hai Yen.

The prices of artworks at the fair were reduced by up to 50% so that more people could bring them into their homes. After several exhibitions of high-quality artwork, the increasing interest and attendance of art enthusiasts, which have been recognized and supported by the artistic community, visual artist Truong Thuy Anh has been motivated to bring arts closer to people's living spaces, homes, and workplaces. Hence, the monthly art fair has been maintained as an artistic activity alongside specialised exhibitions, displays, and seminars.

The exhibits are not only aesthetically pleasing and of high-quality, but also unique, transparently priced, and accompanied by certificates of authenticity.

"We hope that the monthly art fair will be an address for artists to introduce their artworks and bring arts closer to the public in the simplest way,” said visual artist Truong Thuy Anh.

In the context of increasing demand for art appreciation, artists, museums, and art galleries aspire to expand the public's aesthetic sensitivity, provide them with valuable artworks, and make contributions to the development of the Vietnamese art market.

In a recent discussion themed "Artists facing the market, how to make a living from the profession", various opinions and solutions related to the development of Vietnamese art market were proposed. In particular, the pricing of artwork needs to be clear to eliminate barriers that prevent art enthusiasts from accessing artworks. Another opinion suggested that it is necessary to have representatives for artists, in which exhibition spaces can be considered as channels to represent the authors and their artworks. Additionally, some artists believe there is a need to shift purchasing activities towards online form and connections with the public by themselves.

Facing the challenges from the market for artists and their connection with the public, the art fair serves as a bridge connecting artists and artworks with the public, contributes to creating an artistic lifestyle, and has become a pioneer in supporting the development of a transparent and professional art market.