Vietnam, Laos trade union boost links

President of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL) Dang Ngoc Tung hosted a reception for the visiting President of the Lao Federation of Trade Union (LFTU) Pan Noymany in Hanoi on April 5.

VGCL President Dang Ngoc Tung with Lao guests (Credit:
VGCL President Dang Ngoc Tung with Lao guests (Credit:

Tung highlighted the fruitful development of the Vietnam-Laos relations in general and connection between the two countries’ trade union organisations in particular.

He said the VGCL and LFTU should continue to take specific actions to effectively implement their cooperation agreement for 2013-2018, which focuses on training trade-union staff, delegation exchanges and links in international activities.

Pan Noymany suggested the two trade union organisations further enhance the sharing of experience in their work, and support each other at global and regional forums.

The VGCL and LFTU also need to foster connections in managing migrant labourers in their countries, he said.