Vietnamese in Laos, Israel commemorate President Ho Chi Minh

Vietnamese in Laos offered incense and flowers to President Ho Chi Minh at a commemorative complex in Xiengvang village, Nongbok district, Khammouane province, on May 16 on the occasion of his 134th birth anniversary (May 19,1890).
Vietnamese in Laos offer incense and flowers to President Ho Chi Minh. (Photo: VNA)
Vietnamese in Laos offer incense and flowers to President Ho Chi Minh. (Photo: VNA)

The event was attended by representatives from the Vietnamese Embassy in Laos and Consulate General in Sanvannakhet, Khammouane's administration, and the Vietnamese people association in the host nation.

Right after the ceremony, the delegates and overseas Vietnamese visited the complex’s memorial house that spotlights the late President’s significant contributions to national liberation and the Vietnam – Laos special friendship.

The over-1.5-hectare commemorative site, put into operation on December 7, 2012, aims at raising the awareness among younger generations of the revolutionary life of President Ho Chi Minh as well as the special ties between the two nations.

* Also on May 16, the Vietnamese Embassy in Israel, in collaboration with Agrostudies – an international agricultural training centre, held a ceremony to mark the 134th birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh (May 19, 1890-2024), attracting the participation of around 90 Vietnamese trainees at the centre.

Addressing the event, Ambassador Ly Duc Trung said that this is an opportunity for the young generation to show gratitude for the late leader’s great contributions to the nation.

He expressed his hope that each trainee will not only do well in their studies, but also uphold his/her role as an "ambassador" to promote the image of the Vietnamese country and people to international friends.

Participating trainees agreed that the most practical way to study and follow President Ho Chi Minh's example is to enrich knowledge and experience and later return to contribute to the homeland.

Participants recalled the late leader's journey to find a way to save the country and watched a documentary about him.