Vietnam’s socio-economic development introduced to French students

Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toan Thang had a meeting with students of the Janson de Sailly School in Paris on May 26 to share information about Vietnam’s socio-economic development and its role in the international stage.
Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toan Thang speaks at the event. (Photo: NDO)
Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toan Thang speaks at the event. (Photo: NDO)

The meeting was part of a project entitled “Tigers and Dragons”, which aims to provide the school’s students with an overview of some countries in East Asia and Southeast Asia.

According to Headmaster Patrick Fournié, the school is working to enhance students’ knowledge about Asian countries.

In his talk, Ambassador Thang told the students about the Doi Moi economic reform started 1986, which has transformed Vietnam from one of the world’s poorest countries into a rapidly developing country that is pushing for modernisation, industrialisation and international integration.

He further shared that despite not being a founding member of ASEAN, Vietnam has made many important contributions, helping to reinforce the group’s central role in the region.

After joining ASEAN, Vietnam worked actively to promote the admission of Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar to the association, creating strong changes for a united ASEAN, said the Vietnamese diplomat.

Ambassador Thang added that since making a deep integration in international and regional organisations, Vietnam has always been recognised as a responsible member of the international community.

He said Vietnam is always willing to join hands with the international community to promote peace, stability and prosperity for humankind.