Vinamilk receives international awards for efforts to promote CSR and ESG in Vietnam

The 2022 Global CSR & ESG Summit and Awards, themed “Beyond Net Zero & ESG”, took place in Hanoi on November 3-4, as the first of this kind held in Vietnam.
On behalf of Vinamilk, Executive Director - Dairy Development Trinh Quoc Dung receives awards at the ceremony.
On behalf of Vinamilk, Executive Director - Dairy Development Trinh Quoc Dung receives awards at the ceremony.

Within the framework of the summit, many Vietnamese enterprises were honoured by more than 350 entries from several countries. Notably, Vinamilk was honoured in two major categories including Leading Enterprise CSR and ESG (Golden Ranking) and "Vietnam's Outstanding CSR Enterprise" (Platinum Ranking).

The organisation of the summit proved the recognition of the international community, for Vietnam’s efforts and positive actions in the process of promoting ESG (Environment - Society - Governance) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). The practice of ESG in enterprises has been creating increasingly great values for society and requires close coordination from many parties. This is also the reason why 2022 is also the first year that the event’s organising committee stressed the ESG in contents and awards.

Themed “Beyond Net Zero & ESG”, the 2022 Global CSR & ESG Summit and Awards was like a forum for participants to raise issues and challenges, thereby discussing typical strategies related to ESG and CSR. The summit also focuses on analysing the challenges today, to propose climate-friendly solutions and technologies, including hi-tech farming techniques, sustainable supply chains and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Vinamilk receives international awards for efforts to promote CSR and ESG in Vietnam ảnh 1

Prof. Dr. Martin Blake shared about the message behind the theme of "Beyond Net Zero & ESG”.

The summit featured the participation of more than 200 guests and over 25 speakers, who are experts in the field of ESG from government agencies, organisations, investment funds and enterprises around the world. Contributing to the theme of “Beyond Net Zero & ESG”, Vinamilk delivered a presentation on the model of Vinamilk Green Farm and the roadmap to develop the dairy industry sustainably. Vinamilk now has 13 international-standard farms across the country, managing more than 160,000 cows, even though Vietnam started as a country with no advantages in dairy farming.

Vinamilk receives international awards for efforts to promote CSR and ESG in Vietnam ảnh 2

Tran Minh Hoang, Product Manager of Vinamilk talks about the model of ecological farms and dairy products.

At three Vinamilk Green Farms, that were officially launched by Vinamilk in 2021, the corporation has applied thinking about the circular economy, regenerative agriculture and technology application, to reduce the impact on the environment, recycle resources, reduce emissions, and protect the ecosystem. In addition, the business conducted sustainable development practices, such as ensuring animal welfare and building a chain of links to promote the localities’ economy. In particular, 100% of Vinamilk's farms have used solar energy and energy from Biogas to reduce emissions, towards the goal of carbon neutrality under the established roadmap.

“As a pioneer in building advanced production and breeding models, Vinamilk has always boldly accepted initial difficulties and challenges; step by step improved and perfected the production process towards sustainability, environmental friendliness and balance of emissions. In the near future, we will replicate the Vinamilk Green Farm model to disseminate this superior production technology throughout the system, providing a friendly breeding environment for both humans and animals. Thereby, outstanding quality products will be created to serve consumers and contribute to the sustainable development of the social community.”, said Trinh Quoc Dung, Executive Director - Diary Development of Vinamilk.

Vinamilk receives international awards for efforts to promote CSR and ESG in Vietnam ảnh 3

Vinamilk Green Farm features a high-tech agricultural model operating under a closed circular economy.

Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Williams, Chairman of the Awards’ Jury, said that the Vinamilk Green Farm model has recorded a breakthrough and has comprehensively approached the sustainability aspects. Vinamilk's programmes have always been innovative and continuously improved, as well as developed and managed methodically, he noted. The company has also been transparent in announcing information about the programme's influence and benefits to stakeholders, according to Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Williams.

Vinamilk receives international awards for efforts to promote CSR and ESG in Vietnam ảnh 4

Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Williams delivers many valuable presentations at the summit.

Vinamilk was also honoured in the category of enterprises with the most typical community activities in Vietnam for 2022. Especially, during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vinamilk donated more than 100 billion VND to activities of prevention and control of the pandemic that was launched by the Government, contributed to the National Vaccine Fund, supported the frontline medical forces and gave assistance to the community and cared for children. The 'Stand Tall Vietnam' Milk Fund launched by Vinamilk, has passed a 15-year journey of nutritional care for more than 500,000 Vietnamese children. This dairy enterprise has also been honoured among the top ten sustainable development enterprises in Vietnam for six consecutive times.

The new challenges of the global economy have been causing many impacts, so “sustainable development” has become the goal and great concern of all countries. The presentations at the summit also proved that these are extremely challenging goals, but also a motivation for countries and businesses, to focus on building their sustainable development strategies. In particular, it is necessary to take the proactive and pioneering role of businesses, along with encouraging-supportive policies from the Government, the joint efforts from the localities’ communities, and the participation of stakeholders in the world’s supply chain, thereby creating an overall impact on the community and moving towards the goals of sustainable development.

Vinamilk is currently the only dairy company in Southeast Asia among the top 40 in the world in terms of revenue. It is also the most valuable dairy brand in Vietnam and ranks 6th in the global ranking of Brand Finance. Vinamilk not only has been considered a model of a successful state-owned enterprise after equitization but has also actively contributed to the development of the dairy industry in Vietnam and the region. It can be said that Vinamilk has always been associated with the sustainability of the community and the country.